Social partners are the ones seemingly responsible for the final say on supplementary pensions after one more “underground tackling” on the part of the government and the Troika, as was understood at the end of Labour minister Yiorgos Koutroumanis’ meeting with the lenders.

Salaries in the private sector topped their agenda. The Troika representatives did not seem willing to push the matter to its limits, openly admitting that the opinion and handling of the social partners is of great importance.

A new meeting has been arranged for the coming Thursday or Friday, but the lenders agreed there is progress, pointing out the fact that salary costs have gone down by 12% in the period 2009-11. 

Nevertheless, they do insist on, and expect to see a decrease in supplementary pensions and an end to certain bonuses for employees of banks and public corporations.

Lastly, Health minister Andreas Loverdos also saw the Troika inspectors as there problems with Health costs and the need to save at least 1 billion euros annually.