After the reading measures agreed by PASOK president George Papandreou with ND leader Antonis Samaras and PM Lucas Papademos most members are on the edge. The reductions in wages in the private sector seem to be the straw that broke the camel’s back for many members of the parliamentary group. Within a very short period from the announcement of new measures two deputy ministers of the government, Mariliza Xenogiannakopoulou and Yannis Koutsoukos resigned from the government. Also, Arta MP Pavlos Stasinos resigned from the parliamentary group, while several members say they will vote.

And more MPs threaten to resign, while some of them intend to ask Papandreou to boldly declare if he supports the decisions by Papademos’ government and to what extent, due to the impression created by the resignations of executives from his own environment, which, however, says that Papandreou will express his support for the government and urge all MPs to do the same.

Several MPs are not going to put their resignation at the disposal of the parliament, although they are determined to vote against the new measures. In this case no one knows if a question of party discipline will arise and bring the corresponding deletions.

But the intentions of top members are still unclear too. Yesterday's meeting with Venizelos was interpreted by many as a preparation of a "mutiny" against Papandreou, however, it became known that they, at least, will not challenge his position.

Some of them note that the lack of leadership in PASOK is the cause of the major problems of the government…