Just a few hours before the most historical parliamentary voting today, Sunday, of the new loan agreement with dozens of MPs threatening to vote against it, Andreas Loverdos in his interview sounds another "alarm", that unless there is a vast majority the partners might not accept the bill, that is if it doesn’t get passed by the 2/3 of the parliament.  It is reminded that the bill includes three points: approval for the PSI, approval for the recapitalisation of banks and authorisation of Papademos and Venizelos to sign the new loan agreement. 

The included measures will be specified as an implementary law that will be issued in parliament within 15 days. 

The talk will conclude at midnight and the name voting will take place right away, expected to be completed at 2am. 

The government was trapped in “there is money” 

Speaking at SKAI tv station, Loverdos also mentioned George Papandreou, saying that the entrapment in the “there is money” motto prevented the then government from operating after the election. 

Closing the first part of his discussion with G. Aftias, Loverdos added that as a politician he has a clear conscience.

He also said that “we wil have elections around April as the political party leaders have already announced.” 

PASOK will not change 

Lastly, answering the rumors about a change in the name of the PASOK movement, Loverdos dismissed any such likelihood.