Rain and slight increase of temperature on Sunday

Temperature: -3 – 6Cin northern Greece, 0 – 13 in central and southern Greece, 5 – 15 in western Greece, and 10 – 15 in the Aegean and Crete. Winds: strong southern in the Aegean, strong, southern and locally stormy in the Ionian. 

Weather: rainy.
Temperature: will reach 14C.
Winds: locally strong in Saronikos and southern Evoikos. 

Weather: overcast and rainy.
Temperature: will reach 7C.
Winds: mild southeastern. 

Weather: intense snowfall in eastern Macedonia and Thrace that will gradually decrease. Rainfall and storms in eastern Aegean and Dodecanese that will gradually decrease. Cloudy skies and rain for the rest of the country.
Winds: northwestern 4 – 6B in the west, and variable 5 – 7 in the east.
Temperature: will not change much.

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