Contemporary urban guerilla resistance is entering a new phase after tonight's discovery of a bomb on a train at the Egaleo metro station.  
That is at least what the officials from the anti-terrorist unit are saying, being extremely troubled after today's discoveries.   
Three points are very important:  

1. For the first time in Greek history a bomb was placed on a train at a metro station. Should it have exploded, it would have killed dozens of people. Therefore, those that placed the bomb were aiming to kill.   
2. The bomb was very powerful - about 4 litres of petrol - but its connection was not properly wired; that is why it did not detonate. This means the people who assembled it did not have the necessary knowledge.   
3. The attempt to blow up a tube station is the first action of such magnitude and there might be more to follow.   

The driver of the train located the bag that contained the bomb and alerted the police. Afterwards the Explosives Division dealt with the bag and neutralised the bomb. The bomb is now at the police labs and officers are looking for traces of DNA.    
At the same time, officers are scanning through all CCTV footage to locate the suspects that left the bag on the train. All metro employees are being questioned for evidence.   

Police are waiting for a manifesto from the organisation or individuals that placed the bomb. This is all without knowing whether this is an organisation that has been active in the past or a new one. The only link with this is that this previous week many arsons have occured in the city centre, in offices of politicans and banks; however, the people behind those actions are thought by the police not to be linked with the bomb in the Egaleo metro.