With the slogan “PASOK is here united and strong”, and a warm applause  Evangelos Venizelos was greeted by PASOK officers in the hall of the national conference. 
“We did not just avoid bankruptcy, we change the way that the whole planet sees us”, stressed the Finance Minister mentioning the successful PSI. “The crisis is not over, the key is work, work, work”, he stressed. The deputy PM thanked the citizens for their sacrifices and apologized on behalf of the political system.

The mentions to George Papandreou and Lucas Papademos’ doing were explicit and clear, while he also attacked ND’s choice to fight the government while it is a part of it. “It is take to speak of our future, of hope”, he added.

We must turn our attention to the disadvantaged young, he stated to PASOK members. We must review our past from the future’s perspective, he characteristically stated. 

Noone should underestimate the people, not politically, while he added, mentioning the tactics of all of the other parties and the polls.

He characterized the war that both the country and PASOK face, as asymmetric. “This is our mission”, he underlined.

How will life be after the crisis, he asked. The answer, according to him depends on us. In this context he spoke of two national goals: truth and solidarity.

We need an institutional and political framework that will prevent new adventures. Thus we need initiatives of an editorial nature, he spoke of a new national contract. With new mechanisms of checking and self-cleansing. Not  a smuggling of influence.

A new state, a state of justice and a new model of growth are the priorities set forth. We can do it, he stated and attacked those who speak of growth as if it is a given. We must turn our whole support program to a complete national plan of support and stated that those who believe in renegotiations have no touch with reality.

We made the people bitter to save our country, but we did not lose our souls, and stated that PASOK will remain as the one that expresses the democratic views. We want a PASOK which is decentralized, strong, respectful of meritocracy and transparency, he said with meaning. That is why society must believe us, it is a prerequisite.

At this point he called everyone to arms for those that “should be with us today and will be with us tomorrow. We will make a new social alliance with all those we have embittered”.

On that which concerns the scenarios of the next day, he stated that the land will be governed according to the wishes of the Greek people. Consent is not a blank check.  The goal is victory, he stated and put across him the dangerous and destructive right-wing populism.

“We begin anew” was his call.