New group claims metro bomb

In a proclamation briefly uploaded onto the Internet on Sunday, a group calling itself “February 12 Movement” claimed responsibility for planting an incendiary device on an Athens metro train last month in a botched bombing attempt.

The group named after the date of a parliamentary vote on Greece’s second debt deal that was accompanied by rioting and looting -- explains how it monitored Aegaleo metro station in western Athens for weeks before planting the bomb, which did not go off. The metro was chosen as a target in a bid to attract widespread public attention, the group said.

The authors of the seven-page proclamation, titled “Message to the People,” noted that an earlier claim of responsibility by a group calling itself Urban Guerrilla War (Antartiko Poleon) was a hoax or a fabrication. Police, who had expressed reservations about the earlier claim, reportedly believe Sunday’s is genuine.  

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