When Britney Spears marries fiance Jason Trawick, her father will not only be giving her away to her new husband — he'll also handing over his conservatorship of the pop star. On Wednesday, a judge approved Trawick's request to become co-conservator, so he can manage Spears' personal affairs as her father, Jamie Spears, has been doing for the past four years, following her head-shaving incident and complete mental meltdown after she split from Kevin Federline. The decision, which Papa Spears is reportedly "thrilled" about, makes sense considering that Trawick, Spears' former agent, is set to marry the 30-year-old singer sometime this year. "It's all in the family," Spears' attorney told reporters after the hearing in Los Angeles on Wednesday. He also insisted that giving Trawick the new co-conservator role was the singer's —not her fiance's — idea.  
Still, some might speculate that the whole thing is a scheme by Trawick to take control of Spears' fortune (her net worth is estimated to be around 200 million), but he actually won't have any say over her finances, which will remain under Jamie Spears' and an attorney's control. In this case, the conservatorship means that Trawick will have the authority to make decisions about his future wife's well-being, including medical care, everyday needs like food and clothing, even the people with whom she associates. When her father stepped in and became conservator in 2008, the singer had a slew of hangers-on, including a man named Sam Lufti who the Spears family has accused of over-medicating Britney with pills in order to control her and isolate her from her family -- and Trawick will ensure that Lutfi and people like him remain out of her life.

Ever since the elder Spears became conservator of his daughter, Britney has made a complete 180 both mentally and professionally. It all began in January of that year when she refused to turn over her sons, Sean Preston, now 6, and Jayden James, now 5, to Federline as part of their custody agreement — and barricaded herself and her youngest son in her bathroom so police couldn't take him. The next day, Britney lost all custody to Federline, and within days she was placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold and admitted to the mental ward of UCLA Hospital. During that time, mostly because Britney had millions upon millions of dollars at stake for which she did not have the mental capacity to control, her once-estranged father was awarded a conservatorship.

Although Britney was upset with the ruling initially, there's no denying that without her father's aide, she probably would not have achieved two number-one albums and world tours (Circus and Femme Fatale), a Candies clothing collection, her own "Glee" episode, multiple MTV VMA wins — and of course, that reported $15 million deal to become a judge on "The X Factor."

Trawick, who oversees the arts and entertainment brand for a company called Famos, popped the question on his 40th birthday in December after more than two years of dating. Spears sold her Beverly Hills mansion last year for a little over $4.2 million (after purchasing it for around $7 million in 2007), she rented a luxurious 10,000-square-foot mansion in an exclusive enclave in Thousand Oaks, California, for a whopping $25,000 a month, where she now resides with Trawick. With the home's infinity pool, private gym, and home theater at her disposal, it sounds like Britney's being taken care of just fine ...