The new Greek cabinet, containing some familiar faces as well as newcomers, is to be sworn in at 7 p.m. on Thursday.
The announcement came a day after conservative leader Antonis Samaras was sworn in as prime minister following a narrow victory over radical leftists with his promise to keep Greece in the euro at landmark elections on Sunday.

The most closely-watched appointment was that of Vassilis Rapanos, chairman of Greece's biggest lender National Bank of Greece, who will spearhead efforts to rescue an economy on life support as the new finance minister.

Rapanos was a key player at the economy ministry when Greece joined the euro in 2001 and is seen as close to the socialist Pasok party, one of two junior partners in the coalition with Samaras's New Democracy agreed Wednesday.

The government will also have the backing of the moderate Democratic Left but both it and Pasok did not contribute their own lawmakers to the cabinet.

A joint statement by the conservative, socialist and moderate leftist parties said the government aimed "to revise terms of the loan agreement without endangering the country's European course and its place in the euro" during its four-year term.


Prime Minister:
 Antonis Samaras

Minister: Vassilis Rapanos
Alternate: Christos Staikouras
Deputy: Giorgos Mavragannis

Administrative Reform & e-Governance
Minister: Antonis Manitakis
Deputy: Manousos Voloudakis

Minister: Evripidis Stylianidis
Alternate: Haralambos Athanassiou

Minister: Dimitris Avramopoulos
Deputy: Dimitris Kourkoulas

Minister: Panos Panayiotopoulos
Deputy: Panayiotis Karabelas
Deputy: Dimitris Elefsiniotis

Development, Competiveness, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks
Minister: Costis Hatzidakis
Alternate: Stavros Kaloyiannis
Deputy: Athanasios Skordas
Deputy: Notis Mitarakis

Environment, Energy & Climate Change
Minister: Evangelos Livieratos
Alternate: Stavros Kalafatis
Deputy: Asimakis Papageorgiou

Education, Religion, Culture & Sports
Minister: Constantinos Arvanitopoulos
Alternate: Costas Tzavaras
Deputy: Yiannis Ioannidis
Deputy: Theodoros Papatheodorou

Labor, Social Insurance & Welfare
Minister: Yiannis Vroutsis
Deputy: Nikolaos Nikolopoulos

Minister: Andreas Lykourentzos
Alternate: Marios Salmas
Deputy: Fotini Skopouli

Agricultural Development
Minister: Athanasios Tsaftsaris
Alternate: Maximos Harakopoulos

Justice, Transparency & Human Rights
Minister: Antonis Roupakiotis
Deputy: Costas Karagounis

Public Order & Citizens’ Protection
Minister: Nikos Dendias

Minister: Olga Kefaloyianni

Merchant Marine & Aegean
Minister: Costas Mousouroulis
Deputy: Giorgos Vernicos

Minister: Theodoros Karaoglou
State Minister: Dimitris Stamatis
Government Spokesman: Simos Kedikoglou