An Athens appeals court on Monday upheld jail sentences of up to 31 years for seven former employees of Panteion University, one of Greece’s most prestigious academic institutions, for embezzling almost 2 billion drachmas (8 million euros) of its funds between 1992 and 1998.
The five-judge panel ruled that former rector Dimitris Konstas, and vice rectors Panayiotis Getimis and Constantinos Papathanasopoulos to 14 years in jail each. A former member of the university’s administrative staff, Anastasios Koutsodimitropoulos, was given a 31-year-term, while two other employees, Vlasis Veikontis and Haralambos Boutsikos, received 13-year sentences. Accountant Michalis Papadokostakis was given 14 years in jail. Suppliers Panayiotis Orfanos and Yiannis Gratsanis received 10-year terms.

The court ordered the seizure of property owned by the nine embezzlers, including a Ferrari bought by Koutsodimitropoulos.