Firefighters remained on standby in the regions of Achaia in the Peloponnese and in the Cretan prefecture of Hania on Thursday after a difficult night battling multiple blazes fanned by strong winds.

The winds had eased by Thursday morning but firefighters were on alert for further interventions by air and on the ground in the event of a rekindling.

Several wildfires caused serious damage to farmland in the area of Kissamos, near Hania, and close to the western port of Patra, though firefighters managed to contain the blazes before they could threaten homes. Several villages were evacuated as a precaution in both regions on Wednesday evening though residents were allowed to return to their homes late last night.

The wildfires razed an estimated 300 hectares of farmland in the regions of Hania and Achaia, according to firefighters whose task was made more difficult by strong winds that buffeted the flames and high temperatures that sustained the tinderbox conditions that allow fires to spread quickly.

The Civil Protection Authority warned on Thursday that the island of Evia, Attica and the northeastern Peloponnese faced a particularly high risk of wildfires breaking out as winds are forecast to be strongest in those areas.