Members of the Communist Party-backed PAME union on Tuesday were picketing the entrance to the Labor Ministry in central Athens, as representatives of the country's creditors are in Athens meeting with government officials to discuss the country's progress on a raft of cost-cutting reforms that will determine whether Greece receives the next tranche of bailout funding.

The team of inspectors from the European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund -- known as the troika -- were to meet with Labor Minister Yiannis Droutsis to discuss ways of lowering the cost of labor in order to boost competitiveness.

Some 60 PAME unionists were blocking the entrance to the ministry ahead of the troika inspectors' visit.

In a statement, PAME said it «condemns the policies of the government, the European Union and the IMF, which aim at scrapping the National Collective Labor Agreement, the eight-hour work week... and dealing a new blow to social security, which will lead to retirement at 70."