Greece's leftist opposition leader on Wednesday dismissed the fiscal adjustment extension that the troika of foreign lenders may grant the debt-hit country as a “stale little gift.”

Speaking to party deputies, SYRIZA chief Alexis Tsipras attacked the three parties involved the government coalition -- currently in talks with European Union and International Monetary Fund envoys aimed at finalizing an 11.5-billion-euro package of cost-cutting measures.

Tsipras asserted that the new austerity measures, which he described as being designed to unmake Greek society, have already been decided upon. “They are only looking for the right packaging,” he said of coalition members New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left.

Tsipras also railed at the government’s hopes that Greece will gain more time to meet its economic targets under its bailout agreement.

“The pro-bailout neoliberal lobby is trying to portray the stale little gift of [fiscal] extension as a success,” he said.