SDOE broadens bogus invoices investigation

SDOE broadens bogus invoices investigation
The Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) is widening an investigation into the use of bogus invoices by farmers in Thebes, north of Attica, because of suspicion that agriculturalists in other parts of the country were also engaging in the practice to reclaim value-added tax they had not paid.

Kathimerini understands that SDOE officials believe that between 300 and 400 farmers in Thebes issued invoices worth about 100 million euros between 2005 and 2008 for products they had not produced or sold in order to claim back the VAT, worth 11 percent of the total.

In one case a Thebes farmer invoiced a trader in Preveza for 1.4 million euros’ worth of onions. Inspectors said this was enough produce to feed the whole of Epirus.


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