Government spokesman George Petalotis on Monday once again denied speculation of early general elections, noting that the government has strong legitimisation from the people for the country's salvation.

Responding to criticism of government policy by main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras, Petalotis said that the ND leader would have been terrified at the prospect of undertaking the country's governance.

Asked if early elections would be held, in light of developments in Europe for a solution of the debt problem, Petalotis said that "the solution of saving the country has the full legitimisation of the Greek people", adding that, at any rate, the government put this issue forward in the recent local administration elections, the results of which proved that the government indeed had that legitimisation.

Asked to comment on a statement by Samaras in an interview that the government will "escape" through early elections, Petalotis said that seriousness is urgently being sought for ND, which he called on to acquire a uniform line and policy platform on the burning issues, many of which it was itself to blame for.

The government, he continued, has shouldered an important role and was making a titanic national effort, adding that the present government found itself faced with the task of saving the country from the brink of bankruptcy, where the preceding ND government had left it.

These efforts, he said, will be completed with a series of structural changes in the coming period.