Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Marilisa Xenoyiannakopoulou on Monday expressed her satisfaction over the results of an EU foreign ministers council regarding the situation in Egypt.

In statements after the meeting, the Greek minister said that the council's decisions were "positive and balanced decisions through which a clear message is sent, that the aim is a smooth and coordinated transition to a stable pluralistic and democratic Egypt. A process that will lead to free and fair elections."

Underlining that the Greek people is linked with the Egyptian people through a long friendship, the Greek minister said that the situation in the country remained "extremely fluid".

"We must follow closely the situation without dictating or indicating the final outcome," she said, adding that it is important that solutions should be the result of "internal processes in Egypt, from the people of Egypt.

The Greek minister also called on the European Union to elaborate concrete policies that could handle massive immigrants and refugees influx resulting from the crisis.