Police in Thessaloniki on Tuesday reported finding handwritten anarchist literature and draft anarchist material in the possession of two suspects arrested for an armed robbery that took place in Thessaloniki on Monday.

The two are accused of robbing a youth centre in Neapolis while an auction of confiscated vehicles by the Organisation for the Management of Public Materials (ODDY) was underway.

During a raid of the suspects' homes, as well as that of a young woman in Thessaloniki's Ano Poli district, police also found an air-gun, a can of pepper spray, a wig, a round stamp of the Thessaloniki university Polytechnic, small quantities of drugs, computers and USB storage devices and a large number of keys and phone cards.

The items confiscated have been centre to the Northern Greece Crime Investigation Sub-directorate to be examined in police laboratories and investigators are looking into the possibility that the two may also be involved in other crimes.

So far they have been charged with forming a criminal gang, robbery, weapons and drugs violations, receiving stolen goods, harbouring a criminal, insubordination and giving false testimony.

The two suspects are accused of storming the second floor of the Neapoli youth centre while the car auction was taking place with their faces covered, brandishing hand-guns and a grenade. They used these to threaten the auction committee and others present, forcing them to hand over 36,000 euro in cash, two cheques of 2,500 euro and 87 receipts issued by ODDY.

The pair were immediately spotted by motorcycle police, however, who launched a pursuit and managed to catch the 23-year-old near the site of the robbery, while the 28-year-old escaped on foot.

At the time of his arrest the 23-year-old suspect was carrying a loaded gun, an assault grenade and a portable radio transceiver with earphones.

Police launched a manhunt and eventually tracked down the second suspect in the early hours of Tuesday, in Thessaloniki's Ano Poli district.

Authorities have released the names and photographs of those arrested and appealed to the public to come forward with any information they may possess concerning their identity, contacting Thessaloniki's Security headquarters in full anonymity and confidentiality.