“The Patriarchate of Alexandria is on the side of all the people that are in pain regardless of whether they are Greek, Egyptian, Arab or any other ethnicity,” Patriarch Theodoros II of Alexandria and All Africa stressed here on Tuesday.

Speaking to the ANA-MPA, the Patriarch made the statement in response to the dramatic situation in the Mideast country and hours before a scheduled demonstration in the centre of Cairo.

“The latest incidents, with more than 100 people dead and thousands injured, have caused immense sorrow, because we share brotherly relations with the Egyptians going back thousands of years,” the Patriarch said.

“We hope that Egypt will find its way and continue to be the most important gateway to Africa. We are aware of the problems faced by its people, a beautiful and tormented people. We are aware of the historic significance of the country we live in and the Patriarchate of Alexandria, which has existed in the land of the Nile for 2,000 years will continue to be part of the history of Egypt ... I pray that there will be no more victims amongst our innocent fellow human beings,” the Patriarch concluded.