The three C-130 military aircraft took off for Egypt from the Elefsina military airport on Tuesday morning, one of them carrying deputy foreign minister for overseas Greeks affairs Dimitris Dollis, to evacuate 215 Greeks who have asked to return to Greece.

Speaking to reporters before take-off of the first plane, which he was boarding, Dollis said that "we are setting off with three C-130s for Egypt, which will transport 215 of our people, from Alexandria", adding that "hopefully we will be back in the afternoon and everything will go well".

Dollis is heading to Egypt on the first plane, to coordinate the evacuation operation of the Greeks from Alexandria.

He said that, according to information, Monday night was fairly good, and "we are awaiting the development of the demonstration in Cairo so as to have a better picture in the late afternoon", adding that "a fluid situation requires caution and cool-headedness".

Dollis said the return should be expected after 4:00 in the afternoon, depending on the time needed to board the Greeks in Egypt.

"I believe that the matter will have been organised by the time we arrive there. We have arranged things in the best possible way, but naturally in a fluid situation one cannot everything to go perfectly. The anxiety is for our people who are having a tough time. For us, it is relatively easy to go get them. We are trying to do is to allay their fear," Dollis added.

He further noted that "it is easy to sit in a ministerial chair and engage in analyses...the least that Greece can do is rush to the assistance of its citizens".