Popular Greek singer Tolis Voskopoulos has been handed down a suspended sentence of three years imprisonment for unpaid taxes amounting to an impressive 5.5 million euro. The amount concerns unpaid tax for the period 1993-1997 plus fines. The court also gave the singer the right to buy off his sentence for five euros a day.

Voskopoulos was not in court for the sentence, while his lawyer presented an application by the singer to be part of a settlement that would give him a 100 percent discount from the fines. The application had been rejected and his lawyer said the singer intended to appeal against the decision.

Tax office employee Vassiliki Tsoukala told the court that Voskopoulos had so far not paid any money toward his debt and had not been included in the settlement because he was the owner of real estate valued in excess of 660,000 euro for tax purposes.

His defence claimed that the singer's payments had been withheld by his wife Julia Papadimitriou who had filed all the tax statements and asserted that Voskopoulos would have been unable to meet monthly payments under the settlement due to the high fines.