Two foreign nationals aged 36 and 22 years old, respectively, have been arrested in Stylida on charges of armed robbery. The two were led before a Corinth examining magistrate who issued the warrant for their arrest on Thursday.

The two men had been positively identified as the robbers that hit branches of the National Bank of Greece in Velo and Vrahati, Corinth the previous month based on images captured by the bank CCTV surveillance systems.

Police are also seeking a 34-year-old in connection with the same robberies while a 28-year-old woman was charged the previous week for harbouring criminals after police found that the culprits had taken refuge in her house in Pasio, Corinth after the robberies.

Among evidence found in her house was a replica of a handgun while police have also confiscated two cars driven by the suspects that were bought with the proceeds of the robberies.