Commenting on a parcel bomb sent to his office the previous day, Justice Minister Haris Kastanidis on Thursday told reporters that it may have contained more explosives than that sent to then Citizens' Protection Minister Mihalis Chrysohoidis, killing one of his closest aides.

According to the minister the wiring of the bomb was reminiscent of the parcel bombs built by the terror group "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" but much more powerful than a clutch of parcel bombs sent to foreign embassies and other targets in November.

Kastanidis said that the interception of Wednesday's parcel bomb, which aroused the suspicions of his staff and was later detonated by bomb squad experts with a controlled explosion, was due to the alertness of his staff.

Kastanidis made the statements during a press conference at the justice ministry, during which he announced that the ministry was ready to present its full proposals on the penal provisions for tax evasion to the finance ministry.

"The justice ministry has reached conclusions on article 2 of the bill concerning a financial prosecutor and may even forward these to the finance ministry today," he said.

The government and the finance ministry were anxious to combat tax evasion to the maximum degree, he added, but this has to be done in a way that accorded with the laws and the principles of legal science.