Alternate Education Minister Fofi Yennimata, speaking at the opening event of the European "Dosta" campaign in Greece hosted by the Mihalis Kakoyiannis Foundation, referred at length to the measures and actions being promoted by the government to strengthen the access and participation of Roma children in education.

The foundations of the campaign, whose aim is to combat prejudices and racism against the Roma were laid last July with a resolution of the Council of Europe and French actress Fanny Ardant as "ambassador."

The Council of Europe had given the name "Dosta" to the awakening campaign that in the language of the Roma means "Enough", while its resolution had recognised the poor results of efforts made for the improvement of the Roma's conditions of life, whose population amounts to 12 million in Europe, and had requested from the member-states the taking of additional measures against discriminations.

"Our target is a double one. Prejudices in Greek society to break and for us to convince the Roma themselves that their children deserve to have a right to education," Yennimata stressed.