Infrastructure, Transport & Networks Minister Dimitris Reppas, speaking in Parliament on Thursday, decried what he called irresponsible practices, in reference to the so-called “no-pay movement” that has affected public transports and tollways.

As regards the negotiations on under-construction highways and the burning issue of tollways used to finance ongoing and even future projects, he said that any contract to be reached will benefit the state.

The disobedience by citizens who refuse to pay tickets and road tolls in protest against a recent sharp increase in fares ignited a confrontation between the minister and the opposition Radical Left Coalition (SYRIZA) MPs.

SYRIZA MP Dimitris Papadimoulis accused the government of governing on a “divide-and-rule” basis.

Reppas returned the accusation, saying that SYRIZA is being “responsible for tearing Greek society apart by adopting demands presented by different groups even if they are opposed to their actual aspirations and goals”.


Leftist party supports 'no-pay' movement


The political secretariat of Coalition of the Left (Synaspismos) party has decided to support a nascent movement urging people not to pay road tolls in the greater Athens area. The decision was reached following a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of party members active in the movement.