Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras on Thursday lashed out at the government, accusing it of treating the country like “a company undergoing liquidation”.

Speaking before his party’s Parliamentary group, Samaras stressed that the country needs a government that can change the terms of the memorandum, while he accused the government of preparing a new package of austerity measures without showing any social sensitivity.

The ND president repeated that measures boosting growth are necessary for the country to get out of the crisis.

As regards the parliamentary investigation committees, Samaras accused the government of attempting to keep ND hostage and repeated his proposal for backdated processing of “sources of wealth” statements, submitted by political figures who took office in the period following the restoration of democracy in the country (1974).

On the illegal migration issue, he stressed that it is “hypocritical and inconsistent” to pass legislation (a naturalisation) that attracts migrants and, at the same time, build a fence to keep them out.

He did not rule out the likelihood of snap elections that will be “the result of the people’s rage”.

Samaras referred to the foreign policy, stressing that his party rejects “the joint exploitation of natural resources in regions that are under our own jurisdiction”; that it is firm on 'red lines' drawn in the fYRoM name issue and rejects any change in the Annan plan on Cyprus, stressing that “we will not accept the economic crisis as an alibi for concessions”.

The ND leader also called on the government to immediately proceed with the delimitation of the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) following the example of Cyprus.

He spoke about the situation in the Mediterranean, stressing that “the Greeks by nature are supportive of the peoples’ struggles and also of security and stability”.

Moreover, Samaras referred to this week's ruling, handed down by the 4th session of the Council of State (CoS) as regards the vote of legal resident but non-EU foreign nationals in municipal elections, stressing that “the CoS is close to declaring the naturalisation law unconstitutional”.

Furthermore, he insisted in the abolition of the university asylum, stressing that the entry ban in essence constitutes violation of academic freedom.