Two Greek media workers, a newspaper journalist and a photoreporter covering the events in Egypt were injured during demonstrations in Cairo on Thursday morning.

Kathimerini newspaper reporter Petros Papaconstantinou and photojournalist George Moutafis were reported to have suffered light injuries and were well in health.

Papaconstantinou, who was attacked by demonstrators near Cairo's central Tahrir Square and suffered injuries in the left leg and the head, received first aid treatment in the city's Anglo-American Hospital and released.

The newspaper reporter was near the square, but not in close proximity to the violence, when he was asked by demonstrators who he was and where he was from, and was attacked with clubs when he revealed that he was a Greek journalist, Papaconstantinou told ANA-MPA, adding that army officers rushed to his assistance, taking him to the hospital.

Papaconstantinou also said that the demonstrators stole his camera and two tape recorders.

Photojournalist Moutafis was also at the scene, and suffered lighter injuries.

Greek ambassador to Egypt Christodoulos Lazaris rushed to the site, and took care that Papaconstantinou's passport was returned to him, before taking him back to his hotel.