Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou said here on Friday night that Greece was no more the problem but part of the solution of Europe’s economic problem.

Addressing reporters at the end of a one-day special summit of EU leaders on energy, innovation and economy, Papandreou said that for the past year, his government has been “trying to tackle the borrowing needs of the country as well as the reliability deficit the previous New Democracy government left behind,” adding that the present government has managed to overcome all these problems.

The Greek premier said he was satisfied as regards the prospect of creating an EU permanent mechanism for economic crises and expressed hope that a final agreement would be reached in the coming weeks, which would provide a solution, once and for all, to Eurozone countries facing debt problems.

Regarding proposals that werte tabled during Friday’s special EU Summit, Papandreou said that Greece had “nothing to fear regarding these proposals as it has already implemented them at 90 per cent.”