The terrorist organisation "Conspiracy of Cells of Fire" has claimed responsibility for the parcel bomb sent to the office of Justice Minister Haris Kastanidis last week, in a proclamation posted on the website.

In the lengthy proclamation, the group said that sending the parcel was the "least expression of solidarity" for the members of the group currently in jail and that Kastanidis had been chosen because of his refusal to agree to the prisoners' demand for an audio record of the trial proceedings.

The group also disputed the minister's assertion that the bomb had been more powerful than those sent in November, accusing him of "communications tactics to present himself as a victim".

"We will simply repeat that the precautionary measures were the same as those for the previous 14 packages so that no unrelated person would be injured," the proclamation claimed.

There was also a reference to the events concerning the migrants at the Athens law school, with the group announcing their intention to officially participate in the "International Revolutionary Front - Informal Anarchist Federation".