The road toll fees for under-construction stretches of highways will be drastically cut, Deputy Infrastructure, Transport & Networks Minister Yiannis Magriotis announced on Monday, stressing that reductions could be as a high as 50 pct in certain cases.

Magriotis said the second phase of negotiations with consortia holding national motorway concessions, as well as financing banks, will be completed by the end of the week, while only certain technical issues remain to be discussed. The two sides also examine the introduction of discounts for frequent users and special discounts for residents of local communities along toll way routes.

The deputy minister underlined that consortia acknowledge the problem and have even suggested solutions as opposed to their stance a short while ago.

Referring to a ministry-sponsored legislative regulation, he said it will not be punitive in nature but will function as a deterrent for those refusing to pay road tolls.

A press conference of the concessionaires that have undertaken the construction of five national motorways will be held on Tuesday.