Independent MP Dora Bakoyannis on Monday referred to a number of issues, speaking to reporters at her party’s offices.

On the stance adopted by former PM Costas Karamanlis, she stated that he will decide when he will speak about his term in office and that she respects his choice and won’t comment on it.

Bakoyannis characterized as a strategic political mistake by main opposition New Democracy (ND) the issue of former PM Costas Simitis’ referral to a parliamentary preliminary investigation committee, adding that the trial of late PM Andreas Papandreou was also a historical mistake.

Bakoyannis did not rule out a future cooperation with PASOK and announced that her party will vote in favour of the draft law on public transports with the exception of certain articles, adding that the draft law on the health sector will be voted down.

On the illegal migration problem, she underlined that Greece must convince Europe that “the inflow of illegal migrants cannot be continued”