Government Spokesman George Petalotis, commenting on Monday on a report in the German "Spiegel" magazine concerning the purchase of four submarines, said "it is a very important issue for our country, becuase it has to do with 'black' money. Already, however, this case is being investigated by Justice, the Financial Crime Unit (SDOE) which is doing a very considerable job in depth, by the National Defence ministry in cooperatiopn with the Finance Ministry and all these actions have to do with the protection of national and public interest."

The spokesman further said "nothing will remain, as far as we are concerned, that will not be revealed," adding that "of course when it is a matter of money of the Greek people we ensure that the truth will emerge."

DM on German magazine's report

Defence Minister Evangelos Venizelos, commenting on Monday on a report in the German magazine Der Spiegel on Navy submarine contracts, stressed that "provided that the Hellenic State's demands are substantiated for compensation due to punitive damages or wrongful action, they shall be raised as soon as possible."

Ha added that with a recent law, firstly, the further participation of the Ferrostal company has been expressly ruled out due to the pending issues under investigation, secondly, the mechanism of offset benefits that possibly functioned as a corridor for untransparent payments has been abolished and thirdly, strict transparency clauses have been enacted that will operate throughout the contract's entire period and allow the Hellenic state to carry out all necessary checks regarding payments for subcontractorships, advisers' remuneration, etc.