A staggering 97.4 percent of students would like to see changes in Greece's tertiary education system, according to a survey carried out by the education ministry concerning the changes that it has proposed.

The survey was conducted nationwide using a sample of 1002 people, of which 400 were tertiary education students and 445 were parents of children in high school.

In addition to the 97.4 percent calling for immediate change in universities and technological colleges (TEI), 79.8 percent of students said that higher education reforms had to continue, regardless of the reactions.

Another 61.7 percent believes that the changes the government is considering will finally only be partially implemented, while 18.7 percent does not believe they will be implemented at all. Of those asked, 42.1 percent believe they are well informed about the government's proposals.

The biggest problem faced by universities are poor facilities and technical infrastructure according to 26.5 percent of students, while 60 percent is only in favour of occupations as a protest of last resort, when students rights are threatened.

Low turnout in student elections is attributed by 54.3 percent to young people's disillusionment with politics and political parties.

The survey was funded by the 'Education and Life-long Learning' Operational Programme Application Technical Support and the European Social Fund.