Greek Deputy Infrastructures, Transport and Networks Minister Yiannis Magriotis, addressing the informal Council of European Union Transport Ministers in Budapest on Tuesday, whose theme was the continuation of the effort for the completion of the IntereuropeanTransport Network, stressed the importance for the Intereuropean Transport Network its parts in Greek territory have and for whose completion, as he said, every effort must be made.

The Greek deputy minister pointed out that the current economic crisis in many EU member-states cannot be an obstacle for the longterm EU plans whose target is the strategic completion of the European space, adding at the same time the need for securing necessary resources for the Network's completion with the participation of all the EU financing funds that have contributed successfully to date to the completion of considerable transport projects with a Europeanwide dimension.

He also referred to the effort to implement the Intereuropean Transport Network that started from the beginning of the 90s, stressing that the network constitutes a cornerstone for European Integration and contributes to the smooth functioning of the internal market and the strengthening of economic and social cohesion.