Communist Party of Greece (KKE) Secretary General Aleka Papariga met on Tuesday with Prime Minister George Papandreou and presented to him a series of proposals for handling the problem of immigration, which she termed "explosive".

Speaking after the meeting, Papariga expressed her absolute disagreement with government policy on the immigration issue, referred analytically to the humanitarian problem that has been created and noted that "wars and tyrannical regimes are the main causes of immigration waves".

Papariga stressed that serious side-effects may result through the way of handling the problem and called for an end to separation between legal and illegal immigrants.

A memorandum by KKE's Central Committee which Papariga delivered to the prime minister terms as explosive the situation created with immigrants due to the policy being applied.

KKE criticises the government, stressing that "tens of thousands of refugees who live, work and want to stay in our country are in a pending and hostage state of the pink card, fearing for their future, fearing-rightly- that with the new asylum system as well they will see their demands for asylum rejected with the same percentages, or similar, with the existing until today shameful 99 percentage."