Incidents broke out yet again Tuesday night in Keratea, eastern Attica, between riot police and residents in continuing protests against the construction of a landfill in their district, with at least five people arrested and riot police resorting to teargas.

Five people were arrested in police raids on four homes, charged with participation in the violence, and are due to be led before a public prosecutor on Wednesday.

Three more persons were taken in for questioning, while several protestors and police were injured in the incidents.

The violence erupted when hundreds of protesting residents attacked the MAT riot police forces on Lavriou Avenue, where locals have set up a roadblock.

Riot police used teargas to disperse the protestors, while homemade firebombs and rocks were thrown against police and at the local police station, breaking several windows.

Police made extensive use of teargas on a handful of occasions, before calm was restored about an hour after midnight.