Deputy Environment, Energy and Climatic Change Minister Yiannis Maniatis announced the overall replanning and simplification of building regulations aimed at facilitating energy shielding interventions in the framework of the "I save at home" programme, during the presentation of the programme at Wednesday's cabinet meeting.

As he said, a special work group has already been created for this purpose. The ultimate aim, also based on the proposals of the Federation of Real Estate Owners, is for bureaucracy to be limited and interventions for the saving of energy in buildings to be facilitated. The Energy and Climatic Change ministry has also created a support group for handling day-to-day problems appearing during the programme's implementation.

Maniatis made an analytical presentation of the programme's characteristics, that is already "running" as of February 1 and will remain open until the end of March.

The deputy minister stressed among others that Greece is presenting three times greater energy consumption for the heating of homes than Finland under homogenised climatic conditions, while the expense for the import of heating oil reaches two billion euros a year. Therefore, saving in the region of 20-25 percent in heating by thermoisolation actions means saving about 500 million euros every year.