Alan Solow, chairperson of the Conference of President of Major American Jewish Organisations, stressed during a visit to the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki on Wednesday that the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt had to emerge unscathed from the turmoil in Egypt over the past two weeks.

Visiting at the head of a large delegation of American Jewish Organisations, Solow underlined that every time there was instability in the region, there was a possibility that difficulties may arise.

He also stressed that if the 1979 peace treaty should change, this would not just affect Israel but also the United States.

Solow also warned that a rising role for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian politics would not be good for the peace treaty or the peace process in general.

The Conference of President of Major American Jewish Organisations is currently carrying out its annual trip to Israel, which is usually preceded by a visit to a different country each year. The city of Thessaloniki was chosen for this year because of its historic Jewish community stretching back several centuries.

Their next stop will be Athens, where they will meet with the country's state and political leadership in order, according to Solow, "to better understand the situation that Greece faces both in terms of its economy and its international relations".

He also noted that relations between Israel and Greece were "on an upward trajectory" and said that one of the aims of the visit was to further promote Greece's relations with both the U.S. and with Israel.