Germany's Fischer stresses Europe's 'common future' at ELIAMEP event

A call to use the crisis as an opportunity for European integration was made by former German foreign minister Joschka Fischer on Tuesday evening during his speech as guest speaker at the Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy's (ELIAMEP) annual lecture on "Europe in crisis".

"Either Europe will have a common future or it will have no future," Fischer stressed, noting that the EU was currently living through what the Chinese called "interesting times".

He noted that failure to address the crisis will be disastrous for all of Europe and not just one country, while he called the German-Frence proposal for economic governance "an important step forward".

Fischer said that the European Union had been a very successful enterprise and warned against overlooking what it had achieved so far. He noted that Europe was a "act in progress" and that the next generation would move to even closer cooperation.

About Greece, he said it would be a "fatal error" to consider that the country's problems were strictly its own affair.

"Our common future is Europe. We have a common fate. Let us work together for growth," he stressed.

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