German former foreign minister Joschka Fischer, addressing a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, said "we are living in a neighbourhood entailing many challenges. This means that the success of your country will also contribute to European security and economic success, elements that are interactive."

Fischer was invited by Prime Minister George Papandreou to attend and address the cabinet.

Additionally, the German former foreign minister expressed the hope that "we shall pass this crisis together and I hope that the friendly ties between our two countries will return to the level they were. Mild relations, traditional friendship and I hope that Greece will proceed to a new growth model, to a green future."

Fischer also said that the European values are based on the unique history and tradition of Greece, "which all share and it is very important for us to realise the importance of the EU and the fundamental values of a state of law and welfare."

"We realise the consequences of the crisis, the crisis is not a crisis of Greece only but a paneuropean crisis and if one turns his gaze to the southern shores of the Mediterranean he shall see the repercussions of the crisis that have been transferred to the Arab world," Fischer assessed.

Asked to comment on a question by Papandreou on the importance of green growth for jobs in Germany, Fischer termed it a "source for the creation of jobs" and stressed that the jobs of tomorrow will be based on the new green technologies.

"I hope that the Greek government as well will realise that we have to do with a wonderful opportunity in the European South, primarily when the crisis will have passed and the country will be called on to implement its growth model," he concluded.

Distinguished architect Alexandros Tombazis, addressing the cabinet meeting on the bioclimatic and ecological planning of constructions, said "what we can do are so many and what is amazing is that many of these are very simple and could change our planet."

On his part, Papandreou said "the importance of green growth and of the 'green' home does not have only ecological repercussions but economic and social as well," adding that "it is a question of decision and political will that this government has proved."

Bidding Fischer farewell, the prime minister said that he will be visiting Germany "soon" and thanked him "both for the wishes for Greece and Greek-German relations."