The heads of the troika are expected to present the initial results of the new check of the Greek economy, in the framework of the approval of an IMF-EU-ECB loan's fourth tranche, during a press conference on Friday.

The officials of the IMF, the European Commission and the European Central Bank focused, according to reports, in their contacts at the Finance ministry and the other ministries "involved" in the memorandum, on the need to speed up structural changes.

According to the same reports, uncertainties in the troika's view are located in the expenditures of the wider region of Central Governance (hospitals, funds, etc.), the handling of tax evasion and the speeding up of privatisations.

Finance ministry officials point out that the disbursement of the loan's fourth tranche is a foregone conclusion, while what is necessary is for the momentum in reforms not to be lost, many of which have already been enacted or have started being implemented.