The state budget presented a surplus of 155 million euros in January 2011, from 578 million euros in the corresponding month in 2010, on a fiscal basis, according to temporary data regarding its implementation.

The data was publicised by the Finance ministry which stressed that "predictions on the revenues and the expenditures on a monthly basis for the month of January that are included in the Opening Report for the 2011 Budget are being confirmed."

Specifically, the regular budget's net revenues amounted to 5,080 million euros and show a 9.2 percent decrease that according to the Finance ministry is due to the non-repetition in Janauary this year of circulation rate receipts by 393 million euros that had taken place last year. And this is so because this year the same extension was not provided for the payment of rates.

Another reason are the reduced revenues from the special contribution at profit-making businesses by 140 million euros compared to last year.

The regular budget's expenditures are reduced by 2.5 percent. The first stage expenditures present a 2.6 percent decrease and interest 2.2 percent.