A meeting in New York between UN mediator in the name dispute Matthew Nimetz and the representatives of Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) was a "positive event," Greek foreign ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

In comments on the Wednesday night meeting, Delavekouras expressed confidence that the process to find a solution to the dispute between Athens and Skopje over FYROM's name will continue. He also expressed satisfaction over the recognition given by all sides to Greece's positive contribution through an initiative for direct talks between the prime ministers of the two countries.

The spokesman said that no decisions had been made at present and repeated that Athens was willing and able to make rapid progress toward a final solution of the problem, urging FYROM's leadership to make the necessary steps that would allow this.

He also repeated Athens' readiness to support FYROM's accession to the EU on condition that a solution to the name dispute was found.