“The law will be implemented in compliance with the timetables set”, Health Minister Andreas Loverdos said on Thursday, speaking at a press conference one day after a watershed bill on health sector reforms passed a first test in Parliament.

“The majority of people believe that something good is being done for them,” Loverdos underlined, adding that “the healthcare system will work under better conditions” and that the “insured-physician distance is being reduced”.

The minister said new fees for 10,000 medical practices will be introduced by June and that as of April, the ministry will undertake the pricing of medicines, while the hospital management reforms will proceed.

Doctors to continue strike on Friday

Hospital and private doctors have decided to extend their strike until Friday like their colleagues working for the IKA-ETAM social insurance fund. The decision was made on Thursday at the health ministry, which doctors have occupied since the start of the week.

The doctors are striking against reforms to public health care introduced by an omnibus bill passed by Parliament on Wednesday.

They have also decided to continue their occupation of the health ministry's lecture theatre until Friday, at which time they will hold a new general meeting to decide on further action.