Four men armed with Kalashnikovs managed to get away with 250,000 euros in the robbery of a National Bank of Greece branch in Aspra Spitia, Viotia on Friday morning.

The culprits arrived at the bank at 8:00 a.m. in a white van that had been stolen two days ago from the Athens district of Moschato. Two men broke into the side entrance of the bank using sledge hammers and held the staff at gunpoint, forcing them to open the ATM machine containing 150,000 euros.

They then grabbed another 100,000 euros from the tills and climbed into the van in order to drive away. Not long after, however, the van stalled due to engine problems and the robbers stopped an oncoming Fiat Punto, forced the two young women inside to get out and used it to make their getaway.
The Fiat was found abandoned about 1.5 kilometres from the robbery and the culprits are being sought.