Doctors at IKA-ETAM, Greece's largest social security fund representing the vast majority of wage earners and pensioners, announced that they will suspend their strike and go back to work on Monday.

Their union POESYP IKA decided to suspend strike action during a meeting on Friday but asked that dialogue on reforms to the health sector continue.

IKA doctors intend to work together with other medical organisations and associations in order to file lawsuits asking the courts to effectively annul the omnibus bill onprimary health care passed by the government earlier this week, in addition to other forms of action to be decided in coming days.
Their union additionally announced that IKA doctors will participate in a strike being held by the civil servants' union federation ADEDY and the General Confederation of Employees of Greece (GSEE) on February 23.
Hospital doctors will also join the February 23 strike, while meetings will be held in all hospitals to decide on further action against the omnibus bill, including occupation of hospital cashier desks to prevent patients paying fees in order to be examined by state hospitals.
IKA doctors said they will also fight in courts to ensure 20-minute examination times for each patient so as not to put patients at risk and downgrade the role of IKA doctors.