Professor of the Diplomatic Studies faculty of the famous U.S. Tufts University, Alan Henrikson, who is in Thessaloniki, participating in a forum on world security organised by the "Strategy International" institute, said he "sees" the future of the countries of the Western Balkans in NATO, but maybe not immediately.

"I can imagine, maybe not so immediately, but I believe that it is almost unavoidable, that the countries of the Western Balkans, if they desire it, will have a good opportunity of becoming members of the Alliance," he stated to the ANA-MPA.

Referring to NATO's new strategic doctrine, he said it is "a very open document. It gives a perspective to the countries of the Western Balkans," adding that this text, the product of many consultations, as he stressed, gives an "amazing opening to cooperations, not only with countries, but organisations as well beyond the region of NATO determined by the Treaty."