The Greek government is monitoring events in Egypt carefully and with a sense of responsibility, Prime Minister George Papandreou stressed in Parliament on Friday. The Greek prime minister also urged Egypt's political leaders to rise to the occasion in order to avoid violence, warning that a clash with the people could have "disastrous consequences".

Papandreou noted that Egypt alone had to decide, while stressing the impact that a failure to restore stability and normality to the country would have on peace and security in the surrounding region.

"It is an urgent necessity for Egypt to find its way, to begin a open procedure with more freedom. The building of a new Egypt that is stronger and more democratic will act as a positive model of the Arab world. It will embrace the visions of the Arab and Moslem world," Papandreou said.

He also emphasised the need to avoid violence and for all sides to realise that change was already a reality.
"The road to the rebirth of Egypt, which has already begun and led people to Tahrir Square, has no return," the Greek premier added.

"The decisions of all the leaders of Egypt will be of huge importance and must be taken with complete awareness of their responsibility. Everyone has an obligation to rise to the occasion. They must reject both violence and the political games that are being played because a clash with the people could have disastrous consequences," Papandreou underlined and stressed that Greece would be at their side.