Regional Development and Competitiveness minister Michalis Chryssohoidis announced on Sunday that a 2.15 billion euros program will be tendered on March 15, in the framework of the investment law, explaining that 1.5 billion euros will be in tax exemptions and 650 euros in subsidies.

More specifically, 400 million euros will be earmarked for the regional cohesion plan, 100 million euros for investments in technological development, 100 million euros for young entrepreneurship, and 50 million euros for networking investments, the minister said while addressing producer agencies in Crete.

He also said that the "Social Economy Fund", with a 150 million euros budget, will have been set up by the end of the year.

Chryssohoidis said that his ministry, in collaboration with the other ministries, was launching an effort to boost youth entrepreneurship in both consultative and informational capacity, via a digital platform, and in funding capacity, through the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) programs for Young Innovative Entrepreneurship.