No measures of the breadth of those introduced in 2010 will be taken, finance minister George Papaconstantinou assured in a newspaper interview appearing on Saturday, and called on the parliamentary political parties to consent to a three-year rolling fiscal program, adding that this was a unique opportunity for the government as well as the entire political system to prove that "we can enter a new era of political ethos and practice".

In an interview with the financial newspaper "Ependytis", Papaconstantinou said that as long as the country's deficit continues to exist, the country continues to be in recession, the debt continues to rise and Greece continues to be dependent on borrowing, "we cannot stop the effort...this means that we need other interventions, deep changes and not measures similar to those we were obliged to take in 2010".

Papaconstantinou further described the reasoning behind the 'No Pay' movement as "short-sighted, self-destructive and deeply anti-social", noting that "a conscientious society facing its problems" was one thing, and a "dissatisfied society" that was on the brink of exploding was something else. 

He said he did not see the latter prospect as likely, regardless of the efforts of some quarters to take advantage of the people's dissatisfaction for their own purposes.