Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) leader Alexis Tsipras charged on Saturday that "the Memorandum did not come to reduce the debt...the substance of the Memorandum was the demolition of the social conquests, the dissolution of labor relations and the sell-off of the country's entire state assets, as the high-ranking IMF staff members unashamedly announced yesterday (Friday)".

The aim, via internal devaluation, is to make the Greeks poorer and the capital stronger," Tsipras said to a meeting of his party's Central Political Committee, and accused the government of having chosen "on whose side it is on", and called the government spokesman's reaction to the troika press conference "a pretext".

"The government has selected its road, that of the Memorandum, of social bankruptcy and economic impasse," Tsipras said, adding: "If the government does not agree with general sell-off, does not plant to sell-off the country at a bargain price, then what is it seeking consensus for?"

He called on the government to publicly and clearly condemn the Memorandum, not the troika staff.

Tsipras further charged that, at the recent EU summit, the Greek government "already agreed the 'constitutionalisation' of the Memorandum, of poverty", and "now, they are acting surprised".

"And all this, in absentia of the people but also the national parliament," he said.

Tsipras also criticised main opposition New Democracy's (ND) and ND leader Antonis Samaras' stance as "anti-Memorandum rhetoric", noting that in July 2010 Samaras had criticised the PASOK government of not proceeding with a "bold advancement" of privatisations.